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What We Do

What We Do

As a social enterprise e2d strives to promote self sufficiency as a value to one youth at a time.

We use education as a tool to create micro enterprises across the world to bring more youth employment.

ETY Global Co-op Program

Education and Technology Youth (ETY) program brings youth and patrons together for a journey towards reciprocal self independence through learning and investment opportunities. We do this through experiential academic programs designed to develop youth across the globe in four phases.

peer-to-peer (p2P)

Students and their patrons with higher competency learn to share their learning experience using P2P learning techniques.

Student-to-teacher (S2T)

Professors-of-practices guide a pair of student and patron in their

lifelong learning-quests.

Learn more about these quests.

local community

Students and patrons offer learning solutions to their

local communities.

global community

Students and patrons offer learning solutions to their

global communities.

Experiential Study Abroad

'Service-learning' happens when a student has the opportunity to serve a community in a global setting. Our patrons facilitate these learning experiences as part of the reciprocal learning 'quest'.

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