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We take pride in our training programs. Difference between any ordinary training center and our training is, “Our trainings are not only subjective, but also objective.”

Here are the training objectives we have:

a. Take your career to next level by just not preaching, rather looking for job for yourself as well helping you to grow within your company.
b. Built in internship for all students with all programs both volunteer & paid.
c. Access to our freelance consultancy work
d. Anything else you want to add. We make sure each of our students know what they can get from our programs.


a. DotNET developer, following MS curricular
b. e-Commerce project manager using PMP
c. SQL Sever Database Professional
d. SQA or Quality assurance training for pros
e. Internship: Create your own business
f. Math Tutoring for GRE and GMAT
g. Weekend math homework training center for all college students


To qualify for our training programs you have to go through our internal aptitude interview process. High level career aptitude, subject mater experience and additional prove of your intention to succeed in the career in necessary for becoming a successful candidate in our programs.

We are now accepting application for all of the above programs.
To apply please send your e-mail to training@e-2-D.com  stating:

a. Program name
b. Resume
c. Statement of purpose or objective


Note that currently we can hold programs in MN area only. If you can arrange 5 plus students we can arrange the program in your city. We currently have infrastructure to operate in NY, MI, CA and GA.

a. Maximum 5 students per class
b. Physical or online distance education programs
c. One and one tutoring sessions
d. Online virtual LAB


Each programs base cost is $500.

If you can arrange 5 plus students for your program you will have special discount and tuition could be reduced by volunteer work and BD-UPD membership.

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