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V-analyst [Virtual Analyst]

Your dependable virtual IT consultant just when you need them most. All of our consultants are full time professionals, who love helping you out when you need them most. Any additional detail you are looking for can be found from our better business associates [BBA].  Here are some of our V-Analyst service models: 

Staff Augmentation

You can subscribe to our V-analyst service as different level of support package or a service to keep on demand. All of your need is easy to fit our pricing model. Please ask your designated BBA about your standard, premier and enterprise packages.

Any shore Outsourcing

Unlike large companies we understand our peers need.  We provide you service from your door step to half way around the globe from a distinct culture, whose core business is to understand your business and provide the precise service you are looking for.  Please ask your designated BBA about your standard, premier and enterprise packages.


Global Development Center

Would you like to have your company to have an international site? But you are not sure how and where. Please contact your designated BBA, we might just have the perfect solution for you. Also don’t forget to ask about our standard, premier and enterprise packages.


TSP [Total Service Providers]

Total service provider, is the perfect most solution for any business who thinks IT is the last think they should be worried about. We not only do IT, we go an extra mile to become you partner at your own IT department, partners who feels and heels the same business process.

TSP services includes but not limited to:

v      End to end business delivery for IT and non IT services

v      End to end web and e-commerce development

v      ISP and ASP hosting services


SMB [Small managed business]

v       We help our clients to understand their potentiality when they want their independence.  We can design our solution around your need. Self hosting and managed services are complementary for our and your business as we grow.

v       We can help you to make strategic outsourcing decision

v       We can provide your custom developed application management and support

v       Help on your business process outsourcing

v       We can mange your infrastructure


V-Tech enterprise solution [Small managed business]

All of our consultants are deployed in enterprise level technology solutions. Some if these enterprise solutions include:

v      MS SQL Server

v      MS DOT.NET

v      ERP Deployment

v      Oracle

v      E-Commerce solutions

v      MS Business Solutions

v      Health care ERP solution

v      SOX

v      HIPAA

v      Work-force solution

v      Total Automation


  • Application Development: C##, Java, C

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • PHP

  • Web Development

  • Oracle Server

  • Exchange Administration

  • CISCO Network Support

  • WINDOWS Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Office Suit

  • SUN Solaris


  • .NET framework

  • Currently we have 25 on alert V-Analysts standing by for your service request

  • All consultants are professionally certified on each of their core competency area

  • Currently our consultants are geographically on-site at:    

  • East coast: New York, Boston

  • Midwest: IL, MI, MN, OH, PA

  • Canada: East and Midwest

  • Asia: India, Bangladesh

  • Australia

  • United Kingdom



Service Type



Application Development

Remote or on-site

C##, DOT.NET, ASP, PHP, Sharepoint

$55 to $125

System Administration

Remote or on-site

SQL, Oracle, Windows, ERP

$55 to $125


Remote or on-site

Managed, Self-host



Remote or on-site

Managed, Self-host



Live Support
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